About Joseph

Joseph Finchum
        Joseph Finchum is an artist that creates colorful and vivid paintings that range many different styles. From colorful abstracts 
to imaginative landscapes that try to break boundaries and change perspectives. Combining more than one style or concept into each piece he creates, he is consciously trying to reimagine what he observes and conceives.

Being a bit of an introvert, He had to learn to be social. Having little interaction with others at a young age made him shy and standoffish. He dove into painting and drawing as a way to relax and it made him happy. He found joy in creating paintings that not only appealed to himself, but to others as well. The look on someone’s face, when they like what they see, is his inspiration.

Taking queues from Bob Ross, who at the time was the only available instruction, he tried to blend the techniques learned with his own flair and imagination. However; being limited to one particular style would stifle his creativeness which leads him to often find new and interesting things to try.

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