Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Thinking Behind Thanking

Thank You GIF by Joseph Finchum
        I see a lot of artists on Facebook that post their artwork for others to see and comment on. They do this a lot, and they should, but what I don’t see is artist’s thanking those people who interact for the like or the comment or even for the view… if you know who it is.

     Now the reason to do this is not just to be polite, but to further your reach, being polite is just a side effect of this action. We all know or at least we should all know by now, that Facebook puts some limits on the reach of our posts. If you have 100 followers, Facebook will show that post to about 10 people. If only 1 person out of those 10 interacts with that post, it isn’t going to get out to that many more people after that, if it goes out to any more at all.

     But if you thank that person for their action… you have created another action, one that also reaches out. Friends of that person or rather, people that are not actively following you will see your post with that additional message of “Your Name” was mentioned in a comment or on a post. Now if those friends see your post and act on it in any way… you get a little more action on your post. It is a way of reaching back through your follower to their followers, which in turn can lead to new followers for you and if you are using Facebook for your art… you should.

So send out a thank you now and then and make sure you are tagging the person you are thanking, it can only work in your best interest… In my honest opinion. 

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